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Professional Services

Sourcing wireless devices is just one facet of what we do. Where we really set ourselves apart is by providing a high level of professional services at extremely reasonable prices. We learned a long time ago that many reseller partners can source equipment, but when we can also supply accessories, stage and kit the devices, and deliver the devices ready-to-go out of the box, it adds value and creates a much better user experience.

Services We Offer

Wireless device and accessory sourcing

  • Tablets and handsets​

  • Cases

  • Hotspots/modems/data devices

  • Routers and gateways

Colorful Phone Cases

Device staging, kitting and fulfillment

  • Device customization

  • MDM configuration

  • Custom end user instructions and guides

  • Individual drop shipments

Warehouse Shelves

Wireless management and help desk support

  • Act as MDM admin

  • Help desk support for corporate IT admin

  • Help desk support for end users

Call Center Headset

Reverse logistics and lifecycle management

  • As employees leave, return the devices to us

  • We’ll wipe, re-test and stock so they’re ready to deploy for your next user

Components Inside of Mobile Phone

Wireless device buy-back

  • We’ll get your maximum value for your old wireless devices as you upgrade to new technology

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