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Carry your phone using the adjustable belt strap with 2 button snap closure and velcro to secure your pouch on belts as large a 3" or use the slide through belt loop to attach to a belt as large as 3.5" for an additional secure fit.


Phone can be securely placed in pouch with screen facing in or screen facing out.


Lock-in D ring clips attach to an adjustable nylon cross-body strap or it can be used as an anti-sway harness to insure no movement when applied and attached.


Pinch lock connected strap keeps your phone secure in the pouch and close by. Simply pinch the lock to release. Adjustable anti-slip lock bungee cord to fit like-size phones.


Trusted and recommended by public safety and first responders worldwide.

Nylon Pouch Case by Wireless ProTech made for Samsung

Color: Black
  • Compatible with: Kyocera. Sonim and CAT and more.


    Kyocera: DuraForce Ultra 5G E7110, DuraForce Pro, DuraForce Pro 2, Hydro Wave, Brigadier


    Sonim: XP5S, XP5S Plus, XP6, XP7, XP8


    CAT: S48C, S60, S61, B15 Q, B15, S30, S31, S40, S41, S42, S50, S52

  • Nylon Pouch Dimensions: L 3" x W 1" x H 6.5"

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