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The Maxx Mount automobile mount (AM-LSP) was designed to hold most standard sized GPS, large-sized smartphones, or similarly sized devices for mobile use. It offers maximum placement flexibility for installing in the automobile dashboard or windshield locations.


Product parts are constructed of rugged polycarbonate and/or nylon. Each mount also features a 360º articulating ball and socket joint that utilizes an unbreakable cast aluminum socket. The “Maxx” in Maxx Mount is not only our name, but it’s also the way our mounts were engineered to look and perform

Maxx Mount Automobile Mount Standard GPS / Large Smartphone

    • Patent-pending, the adjustable gripping system holds any standard-sized smartphone, either with or without any type of case covering the device, enabling convenient insertion and/or removal from the mounting head.
    • The non-scratch pad on the mount head allows for damage-free securing of your mobile device without a case.
    • Sticks securely to surfaces by combining durable adhesion with suction. The patented, reusable adhesive pad on the bottom of the suction cup firmly adheres to surfaces even before the suction cup is locked down.
    • A multi-adjustable, telescopic mount head can be positioned 360º in any direction.
    • Designed and tested to perform optimally under most environmental conditions. The recommended operating temperature range is from -10ºF to 115ºF  (-23ºC to 46ºC).
    • The flexible adhesive layer enables the mount to adhere to textured, non-porous dashboard surfaces of +/- 1mm.
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