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DRIVE But Do It Safely with AdvanceTec™ Hands-Free Car Kit™

AdvanceTec’s Pro-installed Hands-free Car Kit is a vehicular communication system that improves sound quality and driver safety and the perfect solution for your Direct Connect – Push-to-Talk phone. The car kit consists of a junction box, 10 watt external speaker, remote PTT button, noise cancelling visor microphone and a power cable. The car kit is coupled with a compatible phone cradle to hold the cellular phone securely in place and provides high quality communication.

AdvanceTec Sonim XP3plus Hands-Free Car Kit

    • Warranty: 1-year limited liability
    • Professional Installation Service: No
    • Vehicle Kit Components: Modular components: Cradle, mount, speaker, palm mic, small mic, button control, brain/junction box, installation cables
    • Ability to Lock the Handset into the Cradle: Yes, locking or non-locking cradles available 
    • Temperature Control System: No
    • Power to Cradle: 5V/2a
    • Speaker: 10W
    • Volume Knob: No 
    • Full Duplex: Yes, with palm mic for PTT and small mic/button control for voice calls
    • Optional Accessories: Palm Mic, foot pedal, gooseneck mic, privacy handset; standard car charger to eliminate the need for professional installation.
    • Transition Options: If transitioning from existing vehicle kit to XP3plus vehicle kit, a new cradle & brain/junction box is required.
    • Made in the USA: Yes
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